TheCentral Library is located in the Centre of the campus and easily accessible to the academic departments, classrooms, hospital ,student hostels and faculty residence . It is fully Air-Conditioned and provide peaceful atmosphere to readers . The library is well designed by the expert architect . The library is housed in four floors in A blockof the college and divided into varies section having a total area of more than 3000 Sqm. andis well protected with fire alarms and other safety measures. The Library is spacious enough to accommodate Three hundred readers with arrangement for separate rooms for students & staff. The area of the Library is well illuminated even when in case of power cut.

  • Dr. Sunite A Ganju : Chairman
  • Mr.PradeepBehl : Member Secretary
  • Dr. V.M.S Jaswal : Member
  • Dr. Rajesh Bhawani : Member
  • Dr. Praveen Sharma : Member
  • Dr. PrikshitMalhotra : Member
  • Mr. PradeepBehl : Librarian
  • Mrs. Mrinalini : Assistant Librarian
  • Mrs. Maheri : Library Assistant
  • Mr. Ravinder Kumar :Library Assistant
  • Total No of Books : 3528
  • Journal current year : 40 (National & International)n
  • Back volumes :108
  • The Library has an open access system.
  • Internet and Photostat facilities are available in the Library.
  • CAS is being provided to readers.
  • Daily Newspaper is being provided to readers.
  • Reference services.
  • Inter Library Loan
Library Membership:

All the students ,Faculty member and teaching staff of the SLBSGMC are eligible for membership of the Library .The membership of the Library can be obtained by submitting the approved APPLICATION FORM to the Librarian duly signed and forwarded by the head of the department /Incharge. The registered member are issued borrower cards as per their entitlement given as below:-

Sr. No. Category of Member Borrowing Privileges Period
2 Faculty Members 4 Two weeks
3 SR/JR/Demonstrator/PG students /Tutors 2 One weeks
4 MBBS/BSc./Nursing/Dip. Students 1 One weeks
Circulation Timing :

10:00AM to 4:30 PM or ½ an hour before library closing time on all working days .

Home lending :-
  • Library books will be issued to the readers for home lending as per the schedule fixed.
  • Reference books, Journals ,Magazines ,Thesis and Newspapers will not be allowed out of the library or home lending.
  • The books issued to the reader for home reading must be returned to the library on or before due date.
  • The book may be re- issued for a week if there is no demand for the book from other students.(only one time)
Reading room
  • Three Books will be issued for reading in the reading room of the library(Book Section) on producing the identity card of SLBSGMC. Books are not to be taken out of the library on any account . Infringement of this rule will make the defaulter liable to an automatic forfeiture of the Identity card.
  • At the time the book is issued for reading in the reading room or home reading ,the student must satisfy himself/herself that the book is not damaged or that the pages are not missing or torn . if there is damage or missing of pages or torn of pages. It must be brought to the notice of the library staff .Otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage.
Overdue Charges :

Books issued on card must be returned on or before the due date . Overdue charge would be levied on students @Rs.5/per day per volume from the due date. In case of loss of library card, reader have to inform to the Librarian Immediately . For duplicate library card, reader is required to pay Rs.50/ per card . The amount from charges will be deposited in student fund in student section/Principal office in proper receipt.

Books Damaged /Lost /Torn pages:
  • If the book is lost or damaged by the reader or if the pages are missing from the book, the value of the book shall have to be paid at the current price as per catalogue or replace the book of the same edition or latest edition after getting permission from the Librarian
  • If the book is rare or out of print & the cost of the book is too low ,the amount decided by the principal/chairman/librarian shall be required to be paid. In case a book (having more than one volume) is lost by the reader the price of complete set will be charged
  • Users are allowed to use internet facility only for academic & research purpose .
  • Users will be allowed with valid I card
  • Depending on the rush in e-library, time constraint may be applied by the library staff on duty .
  • All users are required to make LEGIBLE entry in the register kept in the Library.
  • Users are not allowed to make any change in the setting of the computer.
  • Downloading of any software is not allowed .
  • Laptop/e-notebook will not be allowed in e-library.